Hello!  Thank you SO much for visiting this blog and, even more important, taking some precious time to lean-in a bit more today to the beautiful, messy and tragic stories around us.

A little about me–I’m Bridget Reeves, follower of Jesus, wife of Justin.  We have been married for six years and have two dogs and five ducks.   We are grateful to call Bellingham, WA home.  It is here that we have had the privilege to, vocationally and otherwise, enter in to the stories of people on the margins, work with people on the streets, in crisis and seeking a New Way.  I’m studying at Western Seminary, pursuing an M.Div., and when not studying or doing ministry I enjoy filling my time by running, tea-drinking, reading, eating yummy things like brussel sprouts and candy corn, and backpacking.

On this blog I hope to share whole stories of Gospel-hope, justice-wrestlings, ashes turned to beauty, ministry moments, and the real of working on the margins.  I invite you to lean-in, hear long and sit with me as we hear whole stories.

(All views expressed in this blog are solely those of myself, Bridget.  I do not speak for my family, my workplace, my church, my denomination, or for God.  Names and identifying features of people in the stories of this blog have been changed to protect their privacy and confidentiality.)