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Clarity of the Crowds

It was one of those mornings where everything seemed a bit extra complex and crisis-like.  Our numbers were up the night before, hitting around 112 at the emergency shelter.  It seemed the most vulnerable people from the shelter’s history had... Continue Reading →

5 Ways Our Faith Informs Our Social Work

5 Ways Our Faith Informs Our Social Work... Gospel-hope keeps us going. Let’s face it, sometimes when working with people in crisis, transition or struggling it is hard to not get discouraged.  Christ’s victory over sin and death gives us... Continue Reading →

Shelter-Life: The Good, the Hard, and the Redemptive

So there I sat.  At this meeting with other social service professionals discussing the ups and downs of shelter life.  The joys and the sorrows of sharing life in a unique way with people in the midst of crisis and... Continue Reading →

A Welcome Letter

Dear reader, new and frequent visitor, fellow listener-of-whole-stories, co-laborer, and Kingdom-seeker...

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